7. 5. - 20. 5. 2022 Current Exhibition

Exhibition of the works from international competition for designers up to 30 years

7. 5. – 20. 5. 2022

We have been asking more and more intensely what will our future look like? How can we positively influence it? Zlin Design Week points to design as one of the possibilities of this search. Design as a human ability to combine functional solutions with aesthetics. We believe that it is worth supporting its future.

Best in Design, as one of the festival’s parts, takes the path of supporting the young creators who symbolize this future. It creates opportunities for making contacts, establishing friendships, collaborations, gaining inspiration and, last but not least, opportunities for presenting the work of designers and gaining financial support.

Individuals and teams compete in three categories: Product & Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Communication Design. The judges evaluate the idea, aesthetics, feasibility, use and processing of materials, overall sustainability as well as the degree of innovation and impact of the projects.

The exhibition showcases the works that most impressed the jury in the 13th edition of the competition whether they are finalists or designers awarded an honorable mention. They deliberately put the final projects on the same level as what came before them. In order to highlight design as a process, a way of thinking.


The exhibition also includes sosone handicraft furniture, which combines a traditional Zlín workshop with designs by Veronika Zelezníková and Robert Urban. A new collection of sustainable stools from residual material and cuttings. The products are for sale in the pro.story design shop, which you can find at T. G. Masaryka 2433, Zlín.

The special opening hours of the gallery for this exhibition are Monday to Friday, 10 am – 6 pm.