About the Gallery

Gallery G18 in Zlin is a new cultural platform of the Department of Multimedia Communication at Tomas Bata University. It is oriented on contemporary trends and tendencies forming current art and design – mainly in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Our exhibition concept, based on annual thematic cycles, desires to present, discuss and describe current forms and themes moving through young contemporary art and design and to bring it closer not only to students, but all all those interested and the general public.

Exhibitions will augmented with lectures, workshops, animation and craft so that gallery G18 is able to cover topics even outside the scope of the exhibition and convey them not only to students of Tomas Bata University, but also to a wider audience.

The gallery’s exhibition space is located in the new buuilding U18 on the ground floor of tower B and, like the entire building, is designed by architect Eva Jiřičná. The exhibition area of G18 is 215 m² and equipped for extraordinary artistic experiences.

Thank You

Our gallery G18 Zlin is able to function thanks to support and cooperation from these partners:

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