3. 5. - 19. 5. 2023 Current Exhibition


The human ability to design solutions and combine them with aesthetics greatly impacts the quality of our lives. So it makes sense to look for new paths that design can take. These often open up through interesting ideas that emerge by disrupting the status quo in places that offer a diversity of opinion and give room for innovation.

For over thirteen years, the international Best in Design competition has allowed new talents to explore and develop these paths as part of ZlIn Design Week. This exhibition showcases the works of the finalists of the 14th edition of the competition. Individuals and teams compete in four categories: Product & Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Communication Design and Service Design.

What themes and approaches do the designers emphasize in their work? How do they see the world that surrounds us, and where might it be heading under their hands? How does the intersection of the academic ground from which they emerge with business work? The Best in Design Best of ’23 exhibition provides a space to connect apparel, visual communication, and industry solutions, products, and services. A space to meet, discuss and reflect on how contemporary design can influence our future.


Curators: Kitti Mayer, design theorist and Noémi Viski, design theorist, curator

In the selection of this year’s Best in Design exhibition, it is noticeable how many of the projects are leaning on digital technologies, moreover, experimenting with newer forms of it, such as neural networks and VR. No wonder why: designers have always had the task of addressing the challenge of identifying constructive uses for new technologies. On the other hand, we can also find projects which are focusing more on emotions, sensitiveness, inclusivity, traditions, and remembrance – phenomenons that bring us closer to the traditionally claimed features of being a „human”, especially in a time when the boundaries of human are constantly questioned and blurred. Best in Design Best of ’23 shows us all these aspects and even more: it effortlessly highlights and celebrates the many different ways of infusing design into our life.


Guided tours:

6. 5. 2023   The opening is connected with a guided tour of the exhibition, which will be conducted by its curators Noémi Viski and Kitti Mayer.

8.5. 15:30–16:00 – Guided tour with Klárka Pelcová, manager of Best in Design

10.5. 16:00-16:30 – Guided tour with Klárka Pelcová, manager of Best in Design