G18 Program | May 2024

2. 5. 2024

Traditionally, the May programme of the G18 Gallery is dominated by the Zlin Design Week festival. This year, you can again look forward to an exhibition of works by the finalists of the international Best in Design competition, which will be presented during the opening ceremony together with the jurors themselves. You can also look forward to the Gallery and Museum Night and, unusually, to a concert by the Zlín-based group HAW Gigs.

9. 5. – 24. 5. 2024 The exhibition Future is Best of ’24!: A Place in the Future
The future is often seen as a sci-fi structure that competes with human characteristics, rather than the development of predetermined outcomes. Inclusive, resilient and innovative design has a key role in the future of society, creating solutions that impact quality of life. The exhibition features the finalists of the 15th edition of the international Best in Design competition, showcasing visual communication, industrial solutions, service design and textile creation. The exhibition is open every day from 10am to 6pm, including weekends, and admission is free for all.

11. 5. 2024, 18:30 Opening of the exhibition and commented programme with the jury and finalists of the Best in Design competition

13. 5. 2024, 17:30–18:00 Guided tour of the exhibition
The exhibition of the finalists of the Best in Design competition will be guided by its curator Kristína Mlynárová, admission is free for all.

17. 5., 19:00 Berlin Manson (SK) & Lazer Viking – HAW Zlín
This year’s first concert of HAW Zlín will feature Slovak post-synth rap duo Berlin Manson and Prague-based artist Lazer Viking, known for his characteristic sound combining synth-pop, deconstructed Italo-disco bass and proto-techno repetitiveness. Tickets must be purchased via sms ticket.

24. 5., 19:00–22:00 Gallery and Museum Night
Once again, after a year, exhibitions and expositions of various cultural institutions in Zlín will be open to the public for free, and we will be a part of it. There will be guided tours in the gallery and also a programme not only for families with children in the form of an interactive workshop called “Become the designer of tomorrow”. Admission is free for everyone. You can view the full GMN 2024 programme here.