Investigations of Traditions

12. 12. 2018 – 17. 1. 2019

Tradition and Sustainability in Design from the FMK studio

As suggested by the title, the exhibition presented investigations into tradition in the works of students from the Department of Multimedia Communication at Tomas Bata University in Zlin focuses on the theme of tradition and sustainability.

Tradition, in the context of art and design, has been a forbidden word until recently. Experience and skill handed down from generation to generation was eventually replaced by new technologies, approaches and thinking that did not reflect on the past. The result of this temporary discontinuity can be seen in society, in the landscape and in nature.

Today’s urgent need for sustainability can be understood as one of the results of interrupted traditions, as a general desire for duration and durability, or as renewal. The exhibition touches on traditional crafts and approaches and inspiration of folk motifs, but also on modern technology, the usefulness of waste materials as well as, e.g. ecological approaches in industrial production.