Investigations of Housing

17. 10. – 28. 11. 2018

What is housing for us and how do designers perceive it? What questions do they ask themselves and what issues are they currently dealing with?

The Investigations of Housing exhibition presents the work of UTB Department of Multimedia Communications students that will lead you through an imaginary apartment. It is composed of three zones, each representing one stage of a human life. Childhood, puberty and adulthood are components of an ordinary life, housing and even our exhibition, which leads us to understanding how the structure and experiential content of design thinking are preceded by the conditions of the natural world. The exhibition reflects the transformation of our needs and interests in individual phases of life by means of objects and ideas of young designers. From the first piece of furniture to the children’s bedroom, toys and stories guides us through the world of students and their interests, possibilities of modern technology and “smart” households all the way to funereal design.

Exhibition Curator: Romana Veselá