Future is Best of ’24!: A Place in the Future

9. – 24. 5. 2024 Current Exhibition

The future is often seen as a science fiction structure competing with human characteristics, rather than a development of predetermined outcomes. The purpose of its exploration by designers is not to predict the inevitable, but to discover ways of influencing future events.

Inclusive, resilient and innovative design has a place in the future of our society. Design is ubiquitous, transforming current designs into future solutions that impact the quality of our lives. Let’s explore its place in the future with the finalists of the 15th edition of the international Best in Design competition.

For fifteen years, Best in Design has provided a space for new talent to explore ways to influence the direction of design and everyday life. Which themes and approaches do they highlight? How do they see the world and its direction? The exhibition Future is Best of ’24!: A Place in the Future brings together visual communication, industrial product design, service design and textile design. It opens a space for encounters, discussions and reflection on how to create and support design for the future we want.

The finalists of the 15th edition of the competition will be presented from 9 to 24 May at the G18 Gallery.

Exhibition curator: Kristína Mlynárová