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We Are What We Eat…

The project, whose initiator is the Department of Multimedia Communication of Tomas Bata University in Zlin (CZ) and cooperating institutions – the Deapertment of Furniture and Interior Design TU Zvolen (SK), Taipei Tech (TW), ad the University of Algarve (PT).

The title combines the significance of FOOD with the word PRINT, a link to modern digital printing technology. Two-dimensional and the most modern 3D. With a slight change in pronunciation, we can also hear the word FOOT and footprint, which one imprints into the space they occupy.

The FOODPRINT project responds to the unfinished, cyclical, “low-priced” nature of our relationship with food. It is not only sustenance, but also productive and reflexive. We want to explore all parts of the food chain (individually or comprehensively) in the creative perspective of tradition and the most recent technologies (which – sometimes dramatically – change all areas of human action).