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Exhibition: Traces of Landscape

Current Exhibition

The landscape is simultaneously our environment and basic raw material. It has its own value, it is home, nature, we share it with other plants and animals, we manage it and enjoy it. The new exhibition Traces of Landscape combines natural and urban environments. It is based on the belief that our landscape is public space because a major part of it belongs to the public and the public is accustomed to considering it their own.

Come to the G18 gallery, where you will see works dealing with experiencing and enjoying the landscape. Artists do not pose questions about sustainability and climate change, but take on the peculiarities of specific places, create and complete the space, its appearance, rhythm and temporality and tesify to what each particular landscape really is and what life in it is like.

Exhibition Vernissage: 23. 10. 2019

Exhibition Duration: 24. 10. – 30. 11. 2019

Curator: Romana Veselá

Exhibiting artists: Conrad E. Armstrong & Viktor Valášek, Robert Casati & Magda Stanová & Stéphanie Roisin, Iva Kolorenčová, Marie Vránová