Best in Design – Best of ’21

What does the future of design look like? The Best in Design exhibition presents the finalists of international competition. This year, Zlin Design Week also offers an autumn program that will present the finalists and winners of the international Best in Design competition. Discussions with designers, workshops, lectures, dernisage. You can experience all this from October 6 to 28, 2021 in the G18 University Gallery.

The 12th year of the international Best in Design competition offered the opportunity to breakthrough in the world of design for young talents. The jury selected from more than three hundred entries from various parts of the world. Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to samples of this year’s finalists, from three categories. You can look forward to works from the categories Product & Industrial Design, Fashion Design and Communication Design.

“The Best in Design exhibition is not only a showcase of fashion, product design and innovative approaches but also a response to the issue of competition in these fields. Design and the visual arts in general are disciplines in which unambiguous quality is difficult and mainly subjective. We, therefore, agreed with the G18 gallery team that when installing the exhibits, we will not differentiate the placement of individual authors in the competition when placing them, but we will place the same emphasis on all exhibited works. However, we do not want to say that competition in this area has no justification, but we perceive it as a means of promotion rather than a match of the authors, ”said the designer of the exhibition Miroslav Macík.

For example, the exhibition will present the duo Julie Dítětová and Jáchym Moravec with the work Česká, Karolína Čechová, who captivated the jury with their clothing collection called Inner Sanctum. There will also be work from this year’s absolute winner of the year 2021, Ondřej Pechal. He entered his design of a cast iron radiator, which should last for generations and adapt to different uses. “My goal was to strip the radiator of unnecessary deposits of historicism and to instil in it a simple and timeless form. At the same time, however, continue the tradition in this industry, support the natural tectonics of the radiator and thus facilitate the readability of the product. All this in accordance with the casting technology and using its advantages,” says Ondřej.

Zlín, design and meetings with other creators or cultural enthusiasts. If you missed this in the spring, you now have a great opportunity to relive it. The G18 Gallery will always be open from Monday to Thursday, 1 pm to 6 pm. More information about the program can be found at or on the social networks Best in Design and Zlin Design Week.